Natalie Tantrum, violin/viola tutor and the String Team Leader at Papatoetoe South School, shared a heart warming story at the end of Term 1. She introduced an arrangement of the Samoan song Savalivaliwhich PSS students know and love. Natalie wished to help one student who, although gifted, was struggling to stay engaged in the programme:

I told her I’d brought something along with her in mind, and would she like to try it. We all played Savalivali on open strings. After a while, a little smile flickered at the corners of her mouth. A little later, she declared, “This is easy!” and I asked her whether she’d like to learn the tune. We put it on the stand and I began by playing while singing it to her. Her smile grew. She has taken it home to play, and just about the whole Year 6 orchestra has followed suit. We’ll bring it to the Showcase!