Coming from a non-musical family, we had no plans or ideas of introducing playing an instrument to Kirstin. However she came home from school excited about the possibility of joining the Tironui Music Programme so we agreed that we would support her in her new endeavour, even though we were unsure of how it would all work and how we could possibly help.
Over the last 2 years she has embraced her musical side; she has found about a big part of who she is, it has helped her to find herself. Her older sisters are sporty and artistic (visual art) and Kirstin wasn’t sure of where her talents and interests lay – until she discovered music and her flute.
It has been a blessing and a pleasure to watch her grow and develop and discover a love for something that as parents we probably wouldn’t have considered for her. She is the first person in our entire family to learn the skill of reading music and playing an instrument.
She heads off to Intermediate with a great idea of what group and activities she wants to be involved in, all thanks to the Tironui Trust. And guess what she wants from Santa…. 🙂
Thank you so much for giving my daughter this wonderful gift.