We are thrilled to announce our 2019 Scholarship Students, who will all receive private instrumental lessons throughout the school year.

This years new scholarship students are:
Jordan Gow (Year 9 trumpet) studying with Tom Chester
Caitlyn Singh (Year 9 trombone) studying with Tom Chester
Aaliyana Televave (Year 9 flute) studying with Mary-Kate Thomson

Students now in their second year of Scholarship are:
Kiarn Lavea  (Year 10 Tenor Sax) continuing lessons with Scott McDowall
Leilani Kwan-Him (Year 10 cello) continuing lessons with Lisa Chung
Keshika Naiker (Year 10 violin) continuing lessons with Yid-Ee Goh
Leol Phung (Year 10 violin) continuing lessons with Yid-Ee Goh

And Ipolani Magalei (Year 11 cello), now in her third year of scholarship is continuing lessons with Robin Snape