Our most long standing Tironui Music Trust teacher, cellist Robin Snape, reports on her visit to an inspiring music school in Finland:

“In April, I travelled to the East Helsinki Music School in Finland  to spend a week watching a wonderful music program in a primary school.

I really felt the universal power of music over the week, as all classes were taught in Finnish! From their first day at school, alongside other subjects, the students have music as part of their every day curriculum. As well as learning an instrument, the students engage in singing, composing and analysing music. While I was there I was lucky enough to be present at a concert they put on for visiting local kindergarten children which was full of costume and storytelling as well as music. Music was part of everyone’s  daily life. I look forward to sharing some of this material and some fabulous video footage with everyone.


Here’s a short and delightful video of a cello class that Robin attended: