Student Letters

String Students 2017

Falisha Allison (Papatoetoe East) wrote a beautiful melody last year while in her first year of learning violin, and we hope to incorporate this composition into our school repertoire. It was notable for its well-balanced structure and haunting folksong-like tune. Doubtless it was inspired by pieces we sang and played in our Year 4 programme.

Saamiya Ali (Papatoetoe Central) has just begun violin, and has already spent time improvising on it. She and her teacher performed a short piece using her ideas at orchestra rehearsal last week.

Primrose Tan (Papatoetoe East) played viola to her grandfather, and he cried with joy when he heard her, and said to her that now his life was complete.

A student said that when he felt angry he would play the violin, and the music would make him feel better. 

Keano Talavao (Papatoetoe South) played a special song for Mother’s Day to his Mum - his teacher wrote out a part especially for him which he could play on his viola.

Rajpreet Kaur (Year 7, PI) has her sights set on joining the Epsom Girls’ Grammar School Orchestra when she reaches secondary school. She is one of a group of very keen viola players who are making their mark at Intermediate.

Our violin class at Intermediate attracts an audience during interval when they play the chorus to “How Far I’ll Go”. They feel pretty cool being able to play it!

A teacher says -I can't tell you how many times we have come to the end of lessons/orchestra, and students have said, “I don’t want this to end!” 

Letter from  Rynil and Keira

Sorry for taking out your time but we would like to inform you about how we are going in orchestra.  Our names are Rynil and Keira and we both play the violin.

Hi, I'm Rynil and I was inspired by an amazing violinist called Itzhak Perlman!

Hi, I'm Keira and I was inspired by my sister who use to go to your tutoring classes.

At the start of the year we were very nervous writing our letters to the Deputy Principal hoping that we will get in.  What a success - we made it in!  When we started playing our violins we sounded like monkeys.  Now we sound like angels!  So far it has been an incredible journey working with your crew.  We hope to write back to you in Term 4 when we sound like professionals.

Yours sincerely

Renal and Keira