Student Letters

String Students 2017

Falisha Allison (Papatoetoe East) wrote a beautiful melody last year while in her first year of learning violin, and we hope to incorporate this composition into our school repertoire. It was notable for its well-balanced structure and haunting folksong-like tune. Doubtless it was inspired by pieces we sang and played in our Year 4 programme.

Saamiya Ali (Papatoetoe Central) has just begun violin, and has already spent time improvising on it. She and her teacher performed a short piece using her ideas at orchestra rehearsal last week.

Primrose Tan (Papatoetoe East) played viola to her grandfather, and he cried with joy when he heard her, and said to her that now his life was complete.

A student said that when he felt angry he would play the violin, and the music would make him feel better. 

Keano Talavao (Papatoetoe South) played a special song for Mother’s Day to his Mum - his teacher wrote out a part especially for him which he could play on his viola.

Rajpreet Kaur (Year 7, PI) has her sights set on joining the Epsom Girls’ Grammar School Orchestra when she reaches secondary school. She is one of a group of very keen viola players who are making their mark at Intermediate.

Our violin class at Intermediate attracts an audience during interval when they play the chorus to “How Far I’ll Go”. They feel pretty cool being able to play it!

A teacher says -I can't tell you how many times we have come to the end of lessons/orchestra, and students have said, “I don’t want this to end!”

Wise thought for 2018

From Amy Whippy, Year 6 Pap East:

Knowing music makes me happy!

Renal and Keira

Sorry for taking out your time but we would like to inform you about how we are going in orchestra.  Our names are Rynil and Keira.  We are in the Papatoetoe Central School orchestra and we both play the violin.

Hi, I'm Rynil and I was inspired by an amazing violinist called Itzhak Perlman!

Hi, I'm Keira and I was inspired by my sister who used to go to your tutoring classes.

At the start of the year we were very nervous writing our letters to the Deputy Principal hoping that we will get in.  What a success - we made it in!  When we started playing our violins we sounded like monkeys.  Now we sound like angels!  So far it has been an incredible journey working with your crew.  We hope to write back to you in Term 4 when we sound like professionals!

Yours sincerely

Rynil and Keira 

I found playing at my first concert a challenge because I was nervous but at the end I was fine.  Now I have done a concert with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, Papatoetoe Intermediate and at Papatoetoe East.


I have had the honor of playing with the APO and it was sensational! I wasn't able to keep up with them while I played Troika but it was still fun. Amongst the crowd was my proud family being really grateful that I was able to play with a very well known Orchestra across the whole country.


Thankyou Tironui Trust for giving me the opportunity to play the violin for two years. I especially loved to learn how to play "Ode to Joy" because my family loves this song. I loved when I started to play "Tribal Dance" because the song is very catchy. My family even dance when I play it.


I remember when we were learning a piece and we couldn’t understand the dynamics, tunes and rhythm. The teachers played it to us and I said to mself that it was too hard, but at the end of practicing over and over again it made the piece more glorious than it was before. This opportunity has encouraged me to play the violin in the future and become as good as my teachers.

Aiesha, Year 6, Papatoetoe East Primary

I have really enjoyed playing with my fellow class mates and of course my amazing teacher Miss Mahe. One of the memeories that I will never forget is when we all got to work and play with the APO.

Zakira, Year 6, Papatoetoe East Primary

A challenge I faced was managing and practicing in my own time. I have a special memory with my cello class and my knowledgeable tutor Mrs Snape. It was when we did spider crawls on our bows to get warmed up.

Shivaansh, Year 6, Papatoetoe East Primary

When I found out I was in the orchestra I was so excied to know that I was a part of a life changing experience. This opportunity has been a blast because of all the concerts we have been to and played in, thanks to our lovely teachers Miss Mahe, Mrs Snape and Mrs Insley.

Kaya, Year 6, Papatoetoe East Primary

The Tironui Music Tuition takes place in the Music Department and is enjoyed by many students. Students who play an instrument gain more knowledge about music and they also have fun. The teachers and tutors are all wonderful to us, they really help us out and show us the true meaning of music. We are glad to learn music in this school because it is a lot of fun and we are all hoping that we may become amazing musicians.

Each Friday we have Music Academy when we practice music and learn new songs. We really appreciate the extra help we get from Barry Turner who comes and helps Mrs Naidu out. We are all very passionate about our music.

Thank you to Mrs Naidu and our Tutors for all their kindness and support.

Krisha Lal, Room 25,

The reason why I joined the orchestra was because I love music. But now I've realised that it's not just music, it's a way of taking you and your thoughts to another world.

In the future, I would love to carry on playing the violin and one day become a music teacher and teach children just like me.


I chose to join the orchestra because when I heard the other orchestra I was amazed and thought to myself, if they could do it I could too. I wanted to play the double bass or the cello because I like playing low pitch instruments.

As a musician I have gone on a lot of trips like going to watch the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. We have also joined the Lewis Eady competition and won Silver.

My favourite piece is "Fiddles on Fire". I enjoy it because there is a bit in it whech challenges me. It challenges me because it's hard to keep up with everyone.

My future goals are just to keep at it and play during Intermediate and maybe even High School.

Jacob, Year 6,

Dear Mrs Insley

I just finished filling in my enrolment form for the (Year 9) Itinerant Music form 2012.  The man who gave it to me said that it was very exciting to have a viola player.

I would like to thank you for letting me keep my viola for an extra year.  I don't know if I said this before but I have since learnt to read the alto clef music.  I am really excited to be continuing with my music life.  Thank you so much for teaching me.  Music is a great skill to have and I am so happy to have a skill like that.

Today at school Sabina's music technology class had to answer a question of which song was playing, and the song just so happened to be "Take Five", and so of course Sabina was the only person with her hand up.

So from Sabina, Courtney and I, we just want to say thank you for choosing us (to attend the APO Summer School).

Jean, Year 8,

Holly Mannering-Woods

Before I had the opportunity to play a string instrument, I didn't know how to play a single note. At first it sounded screechy then I got the hang of it. The other two instruments I want to play are the drums and the harp. Music isn't just music to me, it is art that carries you away with your emotions and it takes you far away from your worries.

There are no words to describe this opportunity because think... we can't afford to buy an instrument. But to get a violin for 2 years, and tutoring, all for free, is amazing!!! If all children had this opportunity it would be wonderful. I want to carry on for years to come. 

Holly Mannering-Woods, Year 6, Papatoetoe East Primary School

Bronston Kennach

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to play the viola. My parents are so proud of me.

Thank you also for giving me these wonderful tutors. Without you, I wouldn't be playing this viola.

I just love being in the Papatoetoe East Orchestra. We have been performing in front of our school and they loved our performances. We have also played at the town Hall, Telstra, and Kings school. We also entered a competition called the "Lewis Eady Competition" and we came FIRST. My favourite piece that we play is Mama Mia. I think I have improved on reading notes.

I have been looking after my viola really seriously. I am going to carry on playing at Howick Intermediate and maybe play the cello. 

Bronston Kennach, Year 6, Papatoetoe East Primary School

Gargi Bansal

I think music is art which can make people emotional. When I signed up for playing in the orchestra I didn't know what I was signing up for. I only joined because of my friends, but now I am happy I made this decision. I would like to carry on and play the violin in the future.

The teachers have made playing our instruments a lot of fun. We have learnt lots of music and my favourite pieces are Mamma Mia and Tironui Cripple Creek. This year we also came first in the Lewis Eady competition and won gold!!!

My experience of playing the violin was wonderful. We went to different places, listened to other bands, played with other orchestras, played for our school, as well as prime ministers and mayors!!! My parents were very proud of me. 

Gargi Bansal, Year 6, Papatoetoe East Primary School

It’s hard doing something you haven’t done before, but in two years time I think I’ll get the hang of it.


I want to play a trumpet because I want to get used to the buttons and want to learn how to blow for long, and it is kind of the same size as me.

Ryan, Room 7,

When I heard the girls play at school I really enioyed it.


I would like to play the violin because it would be easier to carry, and the way that my friend Sabina plays the violin makes me want to play as well.