Tironui is currently funded solely by private donations from approximately 30 individuals and two Charitable Trusts. No state funding is received.

Approximately 3500 hours of voluntary time is worked annually by the Trust’s supporters.

A summary of our 2018 budget is:

Teaching costs                $249,000
Administration                $75,000
Instrument purchases      $50,000
Repairs and Maintenance $36,000
Concerts and events        $12,000
Sundry                           $30,000

Total $452,000

Student numbers in 2018: 540

It costs $700 to teach a child each year with the majority of the pupils being taught for 5 years. In addition each student is provided an instrument, the average cost of these being $500.

Over the next 5 years student numbers will grow by 50 per year, taking our numbers to around 700 in 2021.

This will increase our operating costs by $60,000 per year over the period for which we need an increase in charitable contributions.  

We would like to offer the following sponsorship suggestions to help meet our needs:

  1. The musical education of a child  $700 per annum
  2. Providing an instrument           $500
  3. Offering a Scholarship for private tuition for gifted children for their secondary school years                                                 $1500
  4. Contribution to general operating costs - anything welcome

 To give added certainty to forward financial planning the Trust would be extremely grateful if donors could commit to several years of giving.

Tironui Music Trust’s account is 38-9006-0888822-00. Please add your name and Donation as reference, and supply us with your address so we can send a receipt.