Looking to the Future

The Trust is confident that its current operating systems are soundly based and it is developing young musicians who enjoy making music, many of whom will continue with their music when they leave our tutelage.

We aim to systematically increase the number of schools we work with and pupils taught, conditional on obtaining sufficient funding to do so.

Once any expansion is commenced, an absolute discipline we accept is to be certain that we will be able to maintain it on a continuing basis. It would be unacceptable to start teaching a child and then have to curtail their lessons through a lack of funds.

The current 9 schools with the 700 pupils they will teach in 2021 represent the maximum size we think is manageable with our current structure. Further growth will require the dividing of our organisation into two groups, one teaching strings and the other band, both reporting to a National Manager.

Each section would be lead by a specialist teacher with broad experience in the genre.

At some future date the financial planning and management which is currently handled by voluntary help will be transferred to a paid employee as well.

 With further growth the Trust will need to look to secure a permanent base to work from with offices and storage space for its instruments. There may also be the possibility of sharing service providers with other organisations.