Papatoetoe West and Puhinui Schools

Jun 18, 2009

Heather now has to stretch herself between two schools and 4 bands, but she attacks these timetabling gymnastics with her usual enthusiasm. Embouchure and Band Protocol were the main focus

for the Beginner bands in the first term, but despite the demise of many reeds, the students have mastered a good number of songs already. Heather is very grateful for the voluntary assistance of

Sean Murphy, whose experience with Brass instruments is extremely valuable.

The Second Year bands at both schools are working at a steady pace and performing well, with full commitment to the year's challenges. Both these bands have been invited to take part in the

King's School Band Festival of wind instruments once again. Heather says that the music is difficult - but achievable (with lots of practice) - and she hopes to be able to take both bands.