Papatoetoe West

Apr 4, 2008

The year started with “tonnes of enthusiasm and duck farts as well as goose honks”!

Heather’s Beginner Band is a very keen group - they know what a legacy they have to follow.

This group has an extra player because one candidate refused to accept no for an answer, so was rewarded for her tenacity! The band percussionist is a girl who is showing aptitude, and the band is already sounding great.

The second-year band (Year 6 children) is making great progress, with emphasis being placed on quality of tone and precision this term. One of the trumpeters will be working on some solo work this year, and Heather is sure that she will be playing in the Honours Band Festival at Kings School in August.

Heather once again has spoken highly of the support she and the bands get from Trevor and Gail at the school and Alan Kemp of KBB.