Urban Soul Workshop

May 14, 2010

Urban Soul Workshop

In early May 2010, the strings group from Papatoetoe Intermediate, along with pupils from several other schools, took part in this all day workshop at the Otara Arts and Music Centre. The three string players who conducted the workshop were not only charismatic people but excellent players, the violinist having graduated from Guildhall London.

They focused on how to make a simple backing track for a “rock” song, and how to put together a backing track for a play station game. The children were able to see how music skills can be utilised widely.

The pupils responded well and had lots of fun, and the teachers felt it was a very worthwhile day.

Rachel Snelling wrote: What really impressed me was the Tironui students. To see them all still playing after changing school was fantastic. Their overall playing and discipline was excellent and you would have been very proud of them.

Many thanks to Euan Murdoch for making this opportunity available to the children.