2012 Wind Programme

May 28, 2012

Term 2 (Jillian Christoff)

Papatoetoe West and Puhinui Primaries 

2012 has seen many important and exciting changes for the Trust's wind programme. The most notable would definitely be the appointment of specialised tutoring staff. After I interviewed potential candidates, we are very lucky to welcome Sheryl Steele and Kathryn Stevenson. Sheryl has many skills and has been tutoring clarinet, saxophone and percussion (in separate groups). She has experience in jazz, drum corp and concert band performance. Kathryn has been appointed to tutor the flutes and has a wealth of experience in music therapy and flute performance, currently playing in the well respected Manukau Concert Band. I have been tutoring the trumpets and trombones (in separate groups).

Each child receives a sectional each fortnight (as the tutors alternate between Pap West and Puhinui schools). Feedback from the children themselves is that they are really enjoying their sectionals and are learning many new things. As the conductor of the Pap West bands, I can clearly see how the sectionals are aiding the children and allowing them to make the best of this exciting opportunity. As a tutor, it is great to be able to work closely with children in like-instrument groups. It allows me to monitor each child's progress and tend to small issues before they become major obstacles. This means participation and progress is flowing very well.

The Pap West children were recently “auditioned” to see which band they would join (junior or senior). From this, we now have a very exciting and talented core of year 6's who are excited to showcase their abilities at the concert. The junior band is mainly year 5's and a few year 6's who need to consolidate some of their skills.

Lua Mose is very proficient as band conductor at Puhinui. He and I have exchanged many ideas. He is a talented class teacher so he's given me lots of exciting ideas to help facilitate the non-musical aspects of the programme, while I have offered him new and interesting ideas for the musical side of running bands.