2012 String Programme

May 28, 2012

Term 2 (Lyn Insley)

Papatoetoe East Primary and Papatoetoe Intermediate

Our new year 5's are all keen and eager as usual. The organisation of this at Papatoetoe East is up to the usual high standards.

One bass player left the school but we gained Donte, an eager beaver who has already caught up.

Papatoetoe Intermediate pupil numbers depend on who moves there from the primary. For example, our bass players from PEP did not continue on to Papatoetoe Intermediate, so Robin has taken on two Year 7's, to give us some experience next year.

I recently met the mother of one of our first intake at Pap East. Her son won a scholarship to Kings Prep. He has been taking lessons on the cello and also the trumpet. His mother hopes he will gain a scholarship to the college next year.

Robin and I made some minor changes to our Year 5 tutor book. Ensemble wise we have a number of new pieces for all levels plus one or two of the firm favourites.

Loata has fitted in well. She takes her duties very seriously. She has identified areas to work on - accurate note reading without numbering every note in pencil. We all meet each morning to co-ordinate teaching. (Keeps us all on song.)

We seem to attract leaky buildings. At PEP they can currently offer only two teaching spaces so Loata and I work together.. Great opportunity to share ideas. Today - year 5 successfully managed to read and play D's and first finger.