Report from Papatoetoe Central School Term 1 2014

Apr 29, 2014

The first term has gone by in a flash. We now have just over 50 very fortunate students learning a string instrument. The 24 year 6 students who are continuing their learning journey that started last year are the experts now!

There are 27 very keen students from year 5 who have just completed their first term. They are enthusiastic about this wonderful opportunity and always remember their instrument on their day with the teacher from the Tironui Trust.

The Tironui Trust teachers at Papatoetoe Central School are Lyn Insley, Robin Snape and Loata Mahe. They arrive at school and the teaching begins! We are looking forward to some orchestra concerts later in the year.

Our year 6 student who has been learning the double bass is so keen to get some practice in over the holidays she has convinced her family to take responsibility for the instrument over the break so she can practice. The 2 year 5 students have been organising break times so they can get extra practice sessions in to be ready for their teaching sessions with their orchestra teachers.

Susan Fidler

Deputy Principal