Visit from NZ String Quartet

Oct 6, 2014

As on all other occasions, this was a highly successful and stimulating visit, with plenty of interaction between the quartet and strings students.  Some comments from the Quartet:

Gillian Ansell (viola):  I was so impressed that there are so many violists - I had about 30 in my little class, which we ran after we played to the kids.  Wonderful that so many have started viola at such a young age and seem keen.  Very nice kids all in all and very well behaved and well managed by the staff.  There was a special atmosphere of concentration when we played - I could feel their keenness and appreciation that they are lucky to be learning.

Helene Pohl (first violin):  I think the teachers are doing a wonderful job - the kids are clearly really enjoying the music, and they concentrated magnificently during our performance.  They also responded wonderfully to the encouragement of their teachers when they played. I think everything is going really well there and I commend everyone involved.