Feedback from the APOPS string ensemble who ran a workshop with the Tironui string students in November

Jan 12, 2015

“The Tironui Trust students were very easy and fun to work with, they listened carefully to everything that they were asked to do and played with great energy and very good ensemble. Overall a very enjoyable experience.”

Charmian Keay

“Speaking specifically for the cellos, I was really impressed at their unwavering concentration, even after a 50 minute fairly intense sectional, they were all still very eager to play more of their pieces to us. I was so pleased to see that in their final performance as a string orchestra, many of them were already trying out what we had earlier discussed. Their enthusiasm is a real credit to their tutors and it was a pleasure to join that teaching process for a couple of hours”

Sarah Spence

"I enjoyed working with the students immensely. The size and level of the ensemble was impressive! Well done!"

Greg McGarity