Tironui Showcase concert 2015

Dec 18, 2015

Tironui Showcase concert 2015   This year’s concert was a whole wonderful new experience for all concerned. The Vodafone Events Centre was filled to capacity with an appreciative audience of 750 family and friends, and the children responded by excelling in their playing.

Each school individually presented items, and the concert also included pieces by massed wind bands and string ensembles. A string quartet made up of combined Tironui and Sistema students showed what the children could achieve in the area of chamber music.

The organisation involved in moving 350 children on and off the stage, rearranging chairs and stands, and keeping order in the wings, was all achieved with professional precision by a large team of tutors and volunteers from the schools.

The smiling faces of the children and their families after the concert expressed the pleasure everyone had experienced during the evening.

Some comments from the audience

Marc Taddei, Music Director of Orchestra Wellington:

The Tironui Trust makes an extraordinary contribution to the lives of these young musicians. Because of the Trust, they have the opportunity to learn an instrument and perform with others. Learning an instrument teaches one discipline, focus, committment and life skills such as listening, positive expression, communication, compromise and dedication. Listening to these wonderful young musicians perform last week was heart warming and amply displayed both the power of musical expression and its vital role in the development and education of young people in society. 

Justine Cormack, Violinist NZTrio:

It was incredibly impressive and moving to see so many kids onstage playing music together - especially knowing that, without the passion and immense commitment of the Trust to making the programme a success, probably none of the kids would be learning music this way. They have been given a true gift that will have an impact on their lives going forward - an appreciation for music, discipline, sharing, and respecting each other...it's a wonderful thing to observe.

The sense of pride and clear enjoyment that emanated from the young musicians was wonderful to see - and I especially enjoyed hearing them play together in the big groups...all listening to each other as one big team.