Bailey Road School

Letter from Principal Jody Hayes

Nov 27, 2017

Bailey Road School have been very privleged in being offered the amazing opportunity to be recipients of the Tironui Trust this year. We are thrilled to be included in this extremely valuable programme, to enrich the lives of some of our students.  The model that builds over several years is one that I feel is excellent as it allows systems and routines to be established with a smaller number of students, meaning that we can adapt and change more easily before this grows to a larger nubmer of students.  

As this is our first year of Tironui Trust in our school there are many things that with reflection we (the school) will be able to streamline and do better for 2018. 

The Tironui Trust music tutors, led by Yid-Ee, have been flexible and understanding of the limitations of spaces avaiable in our busy, growing school.  We have had a teacher as liasion which has assisted in communication back to our teachers, students and their whanau.  One of our 2018 school goals is to make Tironui Trust more visible in our school and to our community. 

Becoming a musician brings about significant benefits personally and academically for a child and with the pressures on families music tuition is out of their reach due to limitations on time and finances.  We are most thankful for this not being a barrier for our students due to this generous programme.