Visit from St Mary's College string Orchestra

Nov 27, 2017

On Tuesday 21 November students at Bailey Road School and Papatoetoe Central School were treated to performances by the Year 8 string orchestra from St Mary's College. At Bailey Road, students from Years 3 and 4 attended and those who have been learning a string instrument this year were very keen to share their knowledge with their year group.

At Papatoetoe Central School, string students played alongside St Mary's girls in a couple of items, this combination resulting in a full and confident sound which thrilled players and audience alike. 
Audience members were engaged in a couple of fun songs which were interspersed with the orchestral items. This was a very well received concert by all and we thank St Mary's for making the time to visit two of our schools.
....the feedback from teachers and students was how inspirational and AMAZING the visitors were.  Thank you so much for organising this special treat for us too!

Jody Hayes, Principal, Bailey Road School