2017 Scholarships

Mar 22, 2018

At the annual showcase concert, scholarships were awarded to five outstanding Year 8 students to enable them to continue their instrumental studies as they leave the Tironui fold and move on to secondary school.  As well as displaying musical ability and perseverance, all have the full and ongoing support of their families as their lessons will be outside school hours.

The 2017 Scholarship recipients are:

Kiarn Lavea – tenor saxophone

Khushi Rathod – trumpet
Leol Phung – violin

Keshika Naiker – violin

Leilani Kwan-Him – cello

Our warmest congratulations to all these deserving students. We hope they enjoy music-making for many years to come.  

Success for Ipolani, Tironui's first scholarship recipient

(An email from her tutor, Robin, in December 2017) 

I had mail this morning with fabulous Trinity College results for Ipolani.

I knew she had played well because I accompanied her on the piano and it went well but it was so exciting to get her Distinction result this morning.


So lovely to pass this news onto you with her being Tironui's first scholarship girl.