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Our funding

The Tironui Music Trust is funded solely by private donations from approximately 30 individuals and two Charitable Trusts.

No State funding is received.

Set up by Peter and Pam Hubscher in 2006,  the trust’s music programme has seen rapid growth. In 2021 the Tironui Music Trust is now providing instrumental tuition to approximately 550 students in South Auckland and Mt Wellington.

Of course, expansion and ongoing developments to the programme require ever-increasing funds, and the trust relies on the generosity of its donors to run its programme smoothly and effectively.

Approximately 3500 hours of voluntary time is worked annually by the Trust’s supporters.


Our sponsors

Peter and Pam Hubscher

Fehl Family Trust – continuation of funding for general expenses

Foundation North – contribution towards new instruments

Individual sponsors for 5-year scholarships

Regular sponsors and spontaneous gifts


Our budget

A summary of our 2021 budget:

Teaching costs $325,000
Administration $100,000
Instrument purchases $20,000
Repairs and Maintenance $30,000
Concerts and events $20,000
General $6,000
Sundry $16,000

Total $517,000

Student numbers in 2021: 600+


If you are interested in further Tironui Music Trust financial details,  click here to view a copy of our 2019 Charities Commission Report.

Ways you can help










Tironui sponsorship suggestions

2021 will see approximately 600 students within our programme through our ten partnering schools.

It costs $800 to teach a child each year with the majority of the pupils being taught for 5 years. In addition each student is provided an instrument, the average cost of these being $500 each.

We also have a scholarship programme for outstanding Tironui students to receive one-on-one lessons through their high school years at a cost of approx. $1700 per year, per student, over five years.

To give added certainty to forward financial planning the Trust would be extremely grateful if donors could commit to several years of giving.


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