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Ozal Sheikh:

Over the past few years I have realised that music has changed my life. I realised that music keeps me calm and happy. The music I've played throughout the year has been outstanding. (Year 6, 2018) Read More


The reason I joined the orchestra was because I love music. But now I've realised that it's not just music, it's a way of taking you and your thoughts to another world. Read More

Trevor Canute – Principal, Papatoetoe West School:

"The band members have made huge progress. Their self esteem is sky high – the other students look up to them in awe." TREVOR CANUTE – PRINCIPAL, PAPATOETOE WEST SCHOOL Read More

Heather Keys – Music Tutor:

"These students have already gone from Band ‘zeros to heroes’ in a short space of time. I know they will grow in their personal confidence and that is already evident in other areas of their lives." HEATHER KEYS - MUSIC TUTOR Read More

New Zealand String Quartet:

"The Quartet members all enjoyed working with the Tironui Trust children in South Auckland again, and know how valuable this kind of project is in the development of up and coming young musicians. You are doing fine work here and we wish you continuing success with the programme." NEW ZEALAND Read More

Graeme Gilbert – Principal, Papatoetoe East Primary:

"We have finished another very successful year at our school and the boys and girls in all of the String Orchestras would say the same. One of our highlights was performing at Selwyn Heights Village last week for the residents and their Performers’ Choir. Our children were magnificent and a Read More


“I have really enjoyed playing with my fellow class mates and of course my amazing teacher Miss Mahe. One of the memories that I will never forget is when we all got to work and play with the APO.” YEAR 6, PAPATOETOE EAST PRIMARY Read More


“I remember when we were learning a piece and we couldn’t understand the dynamics, tunes and rhythm. The teachers played it to us and I said to myself that it was too hard, but at the end of practicing over and over again it made the piece more glorious than Read More


“When I found out I was in the orchestra I was so excited to know that I was a part of a life changing experience. This opportunity has been a blast because of all the concerts we have been to and played in, thanks to our lovely teachers Miss Mahe, Read More


Thank you Tironui Trust for giving me the opportunity to play the violin for two years. I especially loved to learn how to play “Ode to Joy” because my family loves this song. I loved when I started to play “Tribal Dance” because the song is very catchy. My family Read More


“I have had the honour of playing with the APO and it was sensational! Amongst the crowd was my proud family being really grateful that I was able to play with a very well known Orchestra across the whole country.” Read More

Jody Hayes, Bailey Road Principal:

"Becoming a musician brings about significant benefits personally and academically for a child and with the pressures on families music tuition is out of their reach due to limitations on time and finances.  We are most thankful for this not being a barrier for our students due to this generous Read More

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